A Contrast of Shepherds – Part 2
A Contrast of Shepherds – Part 2
John 9 - 10; Ezekiel 34; Psalm 23
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Sunday School,  August 3, 2014

A significant backdrop for John 9 and 10 is found in Ezekiel 34. There the prophet declares judgment against the wicked shepherds (leaders) of Israel who neglect and take advantage of the flock (God’s people). God promises that he himself will one day come to lead and care for his sheep. In John 9, Jesus, acting as the Good Shepherd, heals, seeks, and cares for one of his sheep, while the religious leaders abuse him and excommunicate him. In John 10, Jesus makes his identity as the Good Shepherd explicit, again in contrast with the wicked shepherds who would not receive him. These two chapters help us to understand the profound care our Good Shepherd offers us as his sheep, and challenge us to follow him as we should.

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