A Distinctly New Testament Church

There are so many kinds of churches today. New churches and new ideas of what it means to be a “church” appear all of the time. Yet in the midst of our ever-changing culture, Bethany Bible Church remains a distinctly New Testament Church, anchored to the same biblical principles that Jesus Christ himself gave to the church through his apostles. The apostle Paul described the church as,

The household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth.

1 Timothy 3:15
From this verse we can discern three pictures of what it means to be a “church.”

1. The Church is a FAMILY: “the household of God”

The church is a family because its members are all related to the same family member, the Lord Jesus Christ. By definition, the true church is a community of those who have been “born again” into the family of God through personal faith in the death of Jesus Christ for their sins and His glorious resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:1–8). After their new birth, they are baptized into the church, declaring their identification with Christ, purposing to love and serve the Lord as well as their brothers and sisters in him.

Bethany Bible Church is a family of believers who love the Lord and each other. As a family, we seek to encourage each other, pray for each other, and share each other’s burdens. We also try to function as a family, keeping the family together for worship and emphasizing the biblical roles of men, women, and children within the church; yet meeting specific needs within the family through various ministries such as Kindred Spirits and Teen Discipleship groups.

2. The Church is an ASSEMBLY: “the church of the living God”

The word church translates the Greek word ekklésia, which means “assembly” or “public gathering.” Although a church may assemble for many reasons, the most important reason is for corporate worship. For God created all people to worship him; but the church an assembly of those who have been re-created or redeemed by God to love and worship him as God originally designed. As a result, the church is a living, worshiping assembly of those who love God and rejoice in him.

For this reason, our public worship at Bethany is expressly for the purpose of ascribing to God the “glory due to his name” (Psalm 29:2). We assemble to worship our God—to offer acts of devotion to him: the public reading and exposition of the Scriptures, the singing of true hymns, the fellowship of the Lord’s Table, and the offering of prayers. With true reverence, yet with enthusiasm and great joy, we determine to praise our God in a way that is most worthy of his holiness and majesty.

3. The Church is a PILLAR: “the pillar and support of the truth”

A pillar functions in two ways: it provides a foundation for the structure resting upon it. It also lifts up that structure for all to see. The church is to function as a pillar and support for the truth of God’s Word. Therefore, the church is to support the truth by holding it firm and by holding it forth.

Bethany Bible Church is comprised of people who unite around the truth of the Scriptures. We are continually admonished and equipped by our pastors and teachers to affirm, obey, and defend biblical truth, and to proclaim that truth to a world in desperate need of it. In our preaching and teaching, we endeavor to explain simply, clearly, and compassionately the meaning of the Bible and to call God’s people to obey the Bible.

In short, Bethany Bible Church is a distinctly New Testament Church. We are a loving spiritual family who assemble to worship our God, uniting around the truth we are called to support and to proclaim.