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Living in the Will of God
Romans 15:22-28
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Sunday Morning Service,  October 17, 2021

Paul gives us a unique look at his heart and service in this passage. His personal testimony of life and ministry should cause us to ask some questions of ourselves. For whom are you living? For whom are you living with your plans, your money, and in the way that you invest your life?

A Reason to be Proud
Romans 15:15-21
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Sunday Morning Service,  October 10, 2021

What is it that gets you out of bed in the morning? What is it that gives you a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction? What are you proud of in your life? For the Christian, the answer to all of these questions is found only in Jesus Christ.

Marks of a Mature Church
Romans 15:14-16
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Sunday Morning Service,  October 3, 2021

As Paul begins his conclusion of the letter to the Romans, he commends them in several important areas that provide some of the marks of a mature church. In addition, he explains why he has taken the time to cover the doctrinal issues of the gospel and their practical application in the lives of the Romans.

Restoring the Joy of Salvation
Psalm 51
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Sunday Morning Service,  September 19, 2021

David's prayer of repentance. We find hope of our repentance through the saving grace of Christ.