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Jesus Is Risen and that Makes All the Difference
1 Corinthians 15:12-20
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Sunday Morning Service,  April 4, 2021

The resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything! Because of the resurrection, Christians have hope now and for the future. We have the truth, forgiveness of sin, and an enviable position in Jesus Christ!

The Mystery of God Revealed
Romans 11:23-36
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Sunday Morning Service,  March 28, 2021

Do you ever have difficulty understanding why God works the way he does? Do you struggle at times with how God is at work in your life? In this passage, Paul is going to deal with some of the mystery of God and what our response should be to him.

Paul's Ministry to the Gentiles
Romans 11:13-24
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Sunday Morning Service,  March 21, 2021

Paul addresses some important questions in Romans 11:13-24. What do we do with all of this teaching about God choosing a people for himself? How should this impact me? What is God’s ultimate purpose for his people Israel? How should that impact me?

Implication of Israel's Stumbling
Romans 11:7-12
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Sunday Morning Service,  March 14, 2021

Israel failed to obtain the righteousness for which they were working but the elect did obtain it. Those who failed to obtain it were hardened. What does that hardening mean? What is its purpose? Is there any hope for Israel? How does any of this apply to me?

Chosen by Grace
Romans 11:1-6
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Sunday Morning Service,  March 7, 2021

What does it mean to be chosen by grace? Why is it important in our discussion of Israel and of our salvation in Christ? It is important because God's sovereign grace saves us and keeps us!