Reviewing Christ's Earthly Ministry
Reviewing Christ's Earthly Ministry
John 17:6-19
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Sunday School,  December 21, 2014

John 17 is the high priestly prayer of Jesus for Himself (1-5), His disciples (6-19) and for all of His church (20-26). In the prayer for His disciples Jesus reports the various aspects of His ministry to them. He revealed the Father unto them (6-7), gave them the Father's Words (8, 14), prayed for them (9, 10), kept them safe (12), sanctified them (17, 19) and sent them into the world for ministry (18). Priorities for the disciples and the church include glorifying God the Father, unity in the body of Christ, the sanctification of the believer, and the believer's separation and protection from all evil and the evil one.

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