The Didache and the Early Church
The Didache and the Early Church
Psalm 1
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Wednesday Evening Service,  June 30, 2010

When we read “The Teachings of the Twelve Apostles,” or the Didache, we are reading what is probably the oldest writing in the church outside of the NT documents themselves. The Didache is an unpretentious collection of (1) doctrines for new believers that they must affirm subsequent to their baptism into the church, (2) instructions concerning baptism, fasting, and the Lord’s Table, (3) general church policies, and (4) a brief section on the end times. This fascinating document allows us to glimpse what was important to the early church and to see how the church originally interpreted and applied apostolic teaching. In this session we will look at the Didache in general, its contents, and teachings of special interest.

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