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Encounters with the Risen Lord
John 20:11-31
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Sunday Morning Service,  November 12, 2017

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is not only one of the foundational doctrines of the Bible, it had and still has a profound, personal impact on people. From the very beginning of his post-resurrection ministry, Jesus began touching the live of people. As we look at Mary Magdalene, the disciples, and specifically Thomas, we will see that the resurrected Lord changes their entire lives. In the same way, a personal relationship with the risen Lord will change our lives today.

Jesus in Complete Control
John 19:31 - 20:10
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Sunday Morning Service,  November 5, 2017

Though it may at first appear that Jesus was a victim of the crucifixion, he was always in complete control. He was in control of not only his death, but also the details of his burial and resurrection. In every case, prophesy was fulfilled to the letter through the power of Jesus Christ.

Jesus' Ministry from the Cross
John 19:25-30
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Sunday Morning Service,  October 22, 2017

Although Jesus suffered immeasurably on the cross, he still found the strength to minister to others even while giving his life as an atonement for sin. He ministered to one of the thieves who was crucified with him and later to his mother Mary. Finally, the climax of his ministry on the cross came as he uttered, "It is finished!"

The Good Shepherd Lays Down His Life
John 19:17-24
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Sunday Morning Service,  October 15, 2017

The theme of the cross runs throughout the Gospel of John. Jesus is portrayed as the atoning sacrifice and only remedy for man's sin. As Jesus lays down his life for his sheep, prophesy is fulfilled and sin's debt is paid in full.