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The Journey Begins
Acts 1:1-11
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Sunday Morning Service,  December 31, 2017

Acts is the second part of a two-volume work by Luke written for the benefit of Theophilus. These two books were intended to confirm that Jesus is the Messiah and demonstrate how the gospel spread through out the world.

Christmas Through the Eyes of Joseph
Matthew 1:18-25
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Sunday Morning Service,  December 17, 2017

While we often look at Christmas from the perspective of Mary or the shepherds, we rarely consider Christmas through the eyes of Joseph. Joseph was a just man struggling with a very complicated situation. Joseph would be challenged to grow in his faith as he would have to trust the Lord as he tried to understand the virgin birth, obey the Lord by taking Mary as his wife, and remain sensitive to the Lord as he learned to follow God's direction.

Jesus, the Real Meaning of Christmas
Various References
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Sunday Morning Service,  December 10, 2017

Christmas, we often think of it through the eyes of children, through the eyes of parents, and through the eyes of grandparents. Yet, the first Christmas morning was not about family traditions, snow, gifts, trees or carols. The first Christmas was about God so loving the world that he gave his only Son. What does Christmas look like through the eyes of God?