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Jesus Before Pilate - Part 2
John 18:30 - 19:16
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Sunday Morning Service,  October 8, 2017

Though some blame Pilate and the Romans for the death of Christ and others blame the Jewish authorities and people in general, the truth is that your sin and mine are responsible for the death of Jesus Christ. At an even more profound level, no one was able to murder Jesus Christ. He clearly stated that no man could take his life from him. He had the authority to lay it down and he had the authority to take it up again. Jesus was not a victim of the courts, he was in full control when he gave his life for our sin.

The Heart of Christ in Missions
Matthew 9:35-38
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Sunday Afternoon Service,  October 1, 2017

Matthew 9:35-38 is a classic text that reveals our Lord's heart for missions. Seeing His heart provides foundational principles for missionary activity. Core values are often expressed in mottos and this text could be expressed in 4 mottos: (1) No one excluded, (2) No need unaided, (3) No hurt unfelt, (4) No field forgotten.

Understanding the Times
Matthew 24:1-14
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Sunday Morning Service,  October 1, 2017

Many of the things going on in society that trouble us today were predicted by Jesus Himself. Rather than being overly anxious, or, on the other hand, lulled to sleep by this present age, we need to pay attention to what Jesus has to say about understanding the signs of the times.

Gospel Depth to the Next Generation
Psalm 78:1-8
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Special Service,  September 29, 2017

If we are to reach the next generation(s) in South Africa (or anywhere for that matter), we must proclaim and teach the Gospel with doctrinal depth. The task is not simply finished at evangelism. The task of making disciples has just begun.

Jesus Before Pilate - Part 1
John 18:28-38
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Sunday Morning Service,  September 24, 2017

Jesus entire trial, before the Jewish authorities and before Pilate, was a blatant miscarriage of justice. Jesus innocence was apparent to all, especially Pilate. Throughout the first phase of Jesus' trial before Pilate, Pilate had to ascertain two important facts: (1) What was the truth and (2) what would he do with Jesus based on that truth. Just like Pilate, we have to determine what we believe about Jesus and the claims of the Bible and then what we will do with Jesus based on the truth we have found.

Trial and Denial
John 18:12-27
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Sunday Morning Service,  September 17, 2017

John provides us with the interplay between the Jewish trial of Jesus and the denial of Peter as they both take place simultaneously. Jesus demonstrates humble submission to the will of God while Peter waivers in his faith. Jesus prepares to sacrificially give of himself while Peter is concerned with his self-preservation.

The Parable of the Goodman
Matthew 24:43, 44
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Sunday School,  September 17, 2017

The Parable of the Goodman is more of a parabolic statement that illustrates the seriousness of being ready when Christ returns. The Goodman is a homeowner who apparently was robbed by a thief. If he would have been prepared for the thief's coming, he could have averted the consequences. One area that has been emphasized in the series on the parables is teaching on the Kingdom. The various aspects of the kingdom will be briefed in this session.

Jesus' Betrayal and Arrest
John 18:1-11
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Sunday Morning Service,  September 10, 2017

Jesus was not a victim of the circumstances surrounding his arrest and death. He directly states that no man takes his life from him, but that he laid it down voluntarily. Jesus was in absolute control of all of the events of His life. Yet, in submission to the Father, he willing laid down his life for the sins of mankind.