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   The Maniac Who Became a Missionary
   Luke 8:26-39
Sunday Morning Service,  June 29, 2014
Be challenged to love people on the fringe and seek the lost like Jesus.

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   Giving Towards Missions
   2 Corinthians 8-9
Sunday School,  June 6, 2010
Most think of the Apostle Paul as a great theologian, missionary, or church planter. But have you ever thought of him as a fund raiser? Second Corinthians 8-9 give us some noteworthy examples of gracious giving as well as some principles to teach us how to give today. Applications were made to the area of Missions and specifically the Diachenkos heading towards Australia.

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   The Gift of Forgiveness
   Matthew 18:21-35
Sunday Morning Service,  November 26, 2006
Peter asks, "How often should I be willing to be restored to my brother who sins against me?" Trying to justify himself and being generous in nature, he suggests forgiving up to seven times. But Peter's thinking is faulty. So Christ corrects Peter's mistake by saying that forgiveness should be extended 490 times! (i.e. infinitely!) Christ then gives a parable that teaches the following truth: If we have been infinitely forgiven by God, then we must infinitely forgive others.

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