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   What in the World Is Going Wrong?
   Romans 1:16–32
Sunday Morning Service,  January 18, 2015
Our country is in a mess. Only God can solve our problems. We as His children must do what we can to see revival in the land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

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   Peace in the Midst of a Storm
   James 1:2-5
Sunday Morning Service,  January 20, 2013
Life is full of trials. Jesus said in John 16:33 that in this life there will be tribulation. He also said to be of good cheer since He has overcome the world. This message gives key principles on how to deal with the trials of life that we all must face.

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   How Do You Tackle the Trials of Life?
   James 1:1-6
Sunday Morning Service,  July 8, 2007
How do you tackle the trials of life? In this challenging and encouraging sermon, Dr. Carl Herbster, pastor of Tri-City Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri, assures us that God's people can find joy and victory in the midst of difficulty and trial. By examining the text of James 1, we are comforted to know that God's providence controls our life, that He has a good purpose for us behind the trial, and that we can have victory by remembering God's promises.

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