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   Biblical Revival – Part 2
   Nehemiah 8; Psalm 85:6; Matthew 5:3-4; Ephesians 3:14-21
Wednesday Evening Service,  August 8, 2012
Revival is only for those who belong to God by faith in Christ Jesus. Unsaved people cannot be revived for they are dead in trespasses and sins. New life implies that life already exists. Some of the indications that revival is taking place are: 1) A desire to hear from God, 2) Full attention to God's Word regardless of the length of time, 3) Respect and reverence for God's Word, 4) Agreement with God, 5) A response of humility and genuine worship, 6) Seeing ourselves as God sees us, 7) Obedience to God's Word and 8) Strength that comes our of the joy of the LORD.

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   Characteristics of a Champion
   Nehemiah 1-2
Sunday Afternoon Service,  June 10, 2007
We read in Scripture of many men and women that God used to accomplish His work. One such champion is Nehemiah. After years of the Jerusalem walls lying in ruin, God uses Nehemiah to see the walls rebuilt in just 52 days. Was it coincidence that God used Nehemiah or were there certain characteristics in Nehemiah's life that allowed him to be so used of God? We will examine these characteristics in our message.

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