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   Nahum: God's Mercy Displayed in His Vengeance
Sunday School,  March 18, 2012
Often times Christians today focus on the love and grace of God, and rightfully so, for they are central to the Gospel. But at times the focus on these attributes causes us to miss the beauty of God's wrath. That's right, God's vengeance and anger is a beautiful thing when seen in the totality of God's character. The book of Nahum radically illustrates the wrath of God, showing how God's people can receive comfort and mercy in the outpouring of God's wrath.

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   The Book of Nahum
Sunday School,  April 15, 2007
The self-declared image of Assyria clashes with the portrait that Nahum paints. God declares Nineveh's destruction for its wickedness - deceit, witchcraft, plunder, and violence, and comforts Judah with good tidings, peace from its oppression.

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