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   Sensationalism Versus Substance - Part 3
   Daniel 9:24-27; Acts 1:6-8; Isaiah 2:1-4; 11-12; 2 Kings 21, 23; Psalm 74; Lamentations 3; Revelation 20:1-4
Wednesday Evening Service,  June 1, 2011
Putting together a timeline of end time events is sometimes like doing a jigsaw puzzle. People’s puzzles that they construct sometimes differ from one another, sometimes because a person doesn’t have all of the right pieces, or because he is using different pieces, or because there is disagreement about what the picture should look like in the end. In this session we will finish our introduction to Eschatology by considering the issue of ‘biblical hermeneutics,’ or the science of putting together the biblical pieces to make the correct picture. Ultimately we must answer the question, are the biblical pieces present, and may they be arranged in an order sufficient to support a dispensational eschatology, i.e. a view of the end times in which God finishes His plan with the nation of Israel?

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