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   Diotrephes and Demetrius
   3 John 1:9-14
Sunday School,  October 11, 2015
Revelation 2-3 gives us a cameo picture of seven churches, each made up of different church members possessing different characteristics. The Apostle John focuses his attention on two totally different individuals, possibly in one of these churches. Demetrius is much like the church member every pastor wants in his church while Diotrephes would be shunned. Each are in most of our good churches today. There are four different kinds of Christians described in today's lesson and they are in all of our churches. Both Diotrephes and Demetrius would probably fall into one of these categories. Consider these two men and the four categories and honestly conclude what kind of church member you are.

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   Gaius the Beloved
   3 John 1:1-8
Sunday School,  September 27, 2015
First John was addressed to all Christians, most of them in the seven churches of Revelation to whom John would have had close fellowship. Second John was addressed to an unnamed lady, which was in actuality one of the seven churches, probably the church at Ephesus. Third John is addressed to Gaius, a beloved brother in one of the churches, again, probably the church at Ephesus. It is obvious that Gaius was a dear friend of John and it appears that he was later appointed to pastor the church of Pergamum. John instructed the saints to "love one another" in his first and second letters. In this third epistle, he demonstrated in the person of Gaius how this was to be accomplished.

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   The Other Two Epistles of John
   2 John; 3 John
Sunday School,  December 19, 2010
Though 2 and 3 John are small books, they bear a powerful message, that we should love other believers, hold to sound doctrine, militantly oppose false teachers, embrace the apostolic teaching, and welcome Christian strangers.

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